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Brief Introduction to the Discipline

This Discipline was founded in 1946, whose predecessor was Lu Xun College of Literature and Art, Northeastern University. There were successively many influential domestic musicians such as Lü  Ji,Lü Yuan, Xiang Yu, Qu Wei, Ma Ke, Dong Qingcai, Wang Enxian, Zhu Zhiqian, Shang Deyi, and Wang Ken, etc., who have worked in this discipline. It was authorized as a Master Degree Station in 1993, the Doctoral Degree Station in 2011, and a Post-Doctoral Research Station of Music and Dance in 2019. It is a first-class Music and Dance Discipline in this research-oriented comprehensive Normal University which has been influential at home and abroad. And it is also a high-level Class A Discipline with preponderant characteristic specialty in Jilin Province. The Musicology Major is the first music major in the country to be certified by the Ministry of Education, and the Dance Choreography Major is among the first group of national first-class professional construction sites.

The college has many senior professors who are well-known throughout the country. Here we just named a few:

Professor Yin Aiqing, Ph.D Supervisor, President of the Music Education Committee of China Education Society

Professor Liu Lian, Ph.D Supervisor, Vice-President of the Dance Professional Committee of China Education Society

Professor Jin Shiyou, Ph.D Supervisor of Art Theory, Distinguished Professor of the National University of Osaka, Japan

Professor Jin Shun'ai, Ph.D Supervisor, Vice-President of the Vocal Academic Sub-Committee of the Music Education Professional Committee of China Education Society

Professor Xu Dunguang, Ph.D Supervisor, Standing Director of China Vocalists Association

Professor Liu Xin, Ph.D Supervisor, member of Music Education Academic Committee of China Musicians Association

Professor Yin Zhengwen, Ph.D Supervisor, member of the National Chorus Society of China

Professor Zhou Hong, Ph.D Supervisor, Director of the Dance Education Professional Committee of China Education Society




Xiao Jun


Ma Ke



Ding Ming


Scholars and Faculty Spotlight

The faculty of this discipline is composed of a group of influential teaching and research teams at home and abroad.



Yin Aiying

Liu Lian



Jin Shiyou

Jin Shunai



Xu Dunguang

Liu Xin



Yin Zhengwen

Zhou Hong

The college also has many young backbone teachers with overseas study backgrounds and strong professional abilities. The typical representatives are as the following:

Meng Lingshuai, Ph.D. from Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Russia, Associate Professor, piano teacher

Jin Ling, Ph.D. fromRussian Gnesin's Academy of Music, Russia, Associate Professor, accordion teacher

Chi Yuming, Ph. D from the Ural Mussorgsky National Conservatory of Music in Russia, young cellist teacher

Liu Mianmian,Ph.D from Fujian Normal University, China, Associate Professor, ever taught Music Theory in the United States

Sun Huijia, Ph. D from China Art Institute, Associate Professor of Dance Theory teacher

Xie Fei, Associate Professor, young talented choreographer, studied in South Korea

Huang He, MA from Music School of Udine, Italy, vocal teacher

Li Rongda, MA from Milan Music Academy, Italy, vocal teacher

Outstanding Alumni

This discipline has successively cultivated a group of high-end talents with solid academic background, profound artistic accomplishment, and pioneering and innovative spirit. They are leaders, artists and experts in music and dance education. The outstanding representatives of the alumni are as follows:

Wan Lijun, Deputy Director of the Department of Sports Health and Art Education, the Ministry of Education of the Communist Party of China

Wu Bin, former President of People’s Music Publishing House

Ji Huibin, Dean of Shenyang Conservatory of Music, Liaoning, China

Zhang Tiantong, Dean of Graduate School of China Conservatory of Music, China

Liu Shihu, Dean of Music College, Liaoning Normal University, Liaoning, China

Liu Jianing, Associate Dean of the Conservatory of Music, Harbin Normal University, Heilongjiang, China

· Lü Yuan, famous Chinese songwriter and composer of more than 1,000 classic songs such as “quan shui ding dong xiang”(the spring is tinkling to ring)

Wan Shanhong, famous soprano singer of China Opera and Dance Theater

Wang Ge, the famous domestic choreographer

Wang Wei, the first Chinese drama soprano singer who successfully starred in many Wagner operas

Dong Lexian, the famous Chinese composer

Cheng Yuan, the famous Chinese composer and arranger

Remarkable Achievements

The discipline has successively hosted the opening ceremony of the 6th Asian Winter Games, the 29th World Music Education Conference, and the 3rd Northeast Asia International Piano Festival. During 2010-2020, it globally toured to perform around 17 countries including the United States, Portugal, Spain, and South Korea, etc. The dance program "Jin Cheng” (Go into the Town) won the Third Prize of "My Favorite Program" by the audience at the 2007 CCTV Spring Festival Gala. The chorus won the Third Prize of the 9th Golden Bell Award Competition in 2014. The original dance program “Fu Sheng” (Floating Dream) was invited to participate in the special performances of the National Grand Theater of China in 2016 and 2019. Teachers and students have won totally 8 international awards and 79 national awards in top competitions nationwide and worldwide, such as the " Tao Li Bei”(Peach and Plum Cup), “ He Hua Award”(Lotus Award), Chorus Individual Competition in the CCTV Music Competition of Young Singers and the National Vocal Competition. Up to now, more than 3000 key teachers have graduated and taught in the front line of music and dance education at home and abroad actively.

Fu Sheng


The chorus won the Third Prize of the 9th Golden Bell Award Competition in 2014


“ He Hua Award”(Lotus Award)

Global Influences

In more than 70 years, this discipline has gradually developed into the first level with the basic study direction of Music theory and Composition Performance, Dance Theory and Composition Performance and music and Dance Education. Making the best use of the advantages of comprehensive university disciplines background, the two fields of Music Education Study and Dance Composition Study are among the frontiers in China. And it has become a domestic first-class center for excellent music and dance education, composition and research talent training station and academic exchange center with the international reputation. For four consecutive years,it has been among the top 10% of the country, and the 6th in 2020 ranked by ARWU (Shanghai Ranking Consultancy). Nowadays, it has been characterized with "Serving Basic Education" in cultivating many frontline backbone teachers; at the same time, by making the full use of the geographical advantages, it also has achieved fruitful result and distinctive features in the study of various themes and fields like Changbai Mountain music and dance, Shaman music and dance, Korean music and dance and Northeast historical dance composition, etc.

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